PolyTor is a focused global private Investment Firm and Holding Company. Established in 2011, PolyTor specializes in recognizing value – or the potential for value – where others do not. Our contrarian philosophy, global reach, and deep investment and operational expertise set PolyTor apart from other firms. Our complementary asset classes offer a unique investment platform.

Our Platform

PolyTor utilizes a financial and operational “Combi-Mization”™ approach to the structure, our decades of high-performance experience dictate that neither a pure Private Equity numbers approach or a Organic Operational approach yield the best overall results.

A finely tuned combination is required, with a resources from Finance and Operations teamed to be strategic and tactical, then and only then do you get stellar growth and quarter over quarter performance.

This method removes operational risk, which removes financial risk. At PolyTor we have a Zero Tolerance Policy toward Operational risks. We will always lead with the biggest brand, the best technology, the best manufacturing, the best growing markets. This manages the risk profile to execution risk only, this allows our company’s management teams to focus on their mission instead of shadows of risk, that should never exist.

Our approach to Consumer & Business Technologies highlights the “Combi-Mization” efficiency very easily , as shown in the following diagram:



We are problem solvers, partners and pioneers

PolyTor’s approach to investing helps us recognize value – or the potential for value – where others cannot see it. This contrarian philosophy has delivered consistent and outstanding performance because we dedicate the right mix of capital, time, and management, and operational expertise, to make successful investments out of challenging situations.

Some of PolyTor’s most noteworthy accomplishments have been in situations involving complicated structures, cyclical and regulatory risk, and distressed and turnaround situations. We maintain a mid to long-term perspective on investments to help companies grow to meet their full potential.

Examples of our teams differentiated experiences include $17 Billion of Transactions of every type:



From steady-state buyouts to turnarounds to “off the beaten path” opportunities, we bring deep investment skills, experience, operational and management expertise

Our experiences span a range of industries including technology, data storage, consumer products, manufacturing, and retailing.

Across these industries we have developed a broad set of capabilities that supports multiple investment strategies. Our investment criteria looks at three major transaction types:

  • Traditional steady buyouts: we support growth in firms with leading brands, high market shares and strong management teams.
  • Turnarounds: we transform firms through heavy involvement from our deal professionals and operational experts.
  • “Off the beaten path” minority investments and partnerships: we use our sector experience and industry relationships to create unique, proprietary opportunities.

PolyTor’s differentiated approach has led to distinctive specialized industry knowledge and deep relationships spanning many industries, allowing us to identify and approach companies that might not otherwise be available for investment.

A key element of PolyTor’s success is the ability to add operating value at each of our diverse portfolio companies. We devote significant resources to this capability, attracting experienced, full-time operating professionals, a network of world-class executives, and affiliated senior advisors dedicated to enhancing the operations of portfolio companies and cultivating effective management teams.

This operational and management expertise enables PolyTor to pursue turnaround opportunities that others are often unwilling to consider. We have an extensive track record of undertaking investments involving distressed financial situations and management turnarounds.

Global Reach

PolyTor has an extensive global network and long-standing
on-the-ground presence in high-growth markets

PolyTor has built a strong international presence with Personnel on 4 continents. The deep insight we have gained positions PolyTor to recognize – and act on – opportunities that arise from global macroeconomic trends and events, our relationships with Fortune 100 companies affords us a proprietary view on advantageous trends and opportunities. 

North America

PolyTor investments are focused on Consumer & Business Technologies, which cross many industry sectors, including financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, cloud & internet, data storage, media and entertainment, retail, consumer products, travel and leisure.

We have developed a broad set of investment and operational capabilities that support multiple strategies including buyouts, turnarounds and off the beaten path investments.

Our team in North America supports international investments in key industry sectors and collaborates with other Fortune 100 platforms.

Europe and Eurasia

PolyTor has invested into a diverse presence on a world-wide basis. Business is no longer just US centric EU centric, it is Global.  Our presence of personnel around the globe allows for 7×24 observation, operations and monitoring.  It allows early availability of trends and market opportunities. 


PolyTor helps facilitate OEM, ODM and manufacturing relationships, as part of our overall Global Logistics support and Management Plan for all Platform, and acquisition Companies.  We utilize this tool, in early stages through strategic relationships early-on with prospective target portfolio companies.  This approach provides us a level of deep due-diligence at an operating level prior to any investment activities. 

The Team

Our Approach

We focus on high-growth markets with limited technical and execution risks.

We have the best and most creative people in the Consumer & Business Technology space to execute a global roll-up and expansion plan..

Our services and products are created by some of the most passionate people in the industry. We use only the finest materials and technology to elegantly craft some of the best performing, full featured services and products you have ever seen. The use of modern technologies and practices has helped us achieve attracting and licensing one the top 100 brands in the world.

The Team is made up of over 30 professionals of all disciplines, a partial roster is shown below.

Our Team

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Kevin Magenis

Managing Director
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Ted Galovan

Managing Director
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Charles Partee

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Rick Stratford

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Darren Wesemann

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Thomas Burniece

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Sue Magenis

VP of Program Management
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Tony Zink

VP of Supply Chain
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Andy Davis

SVP of Engineering
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Mike Knee

SVP Sales/Mktg
<?php echo Brian Magenis

Brian Magenis

Associate ME
<?php echo Doyle Albee

Doyle Albee

MAPR, President and CEO
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Mike Nakamura

Principal EE
<?php echo Spencer Galovan

Spencer Galovan

System Administrator